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Vedika Kanchan is a 12th grade student at Oberoi International School. Vedika is especially passionate about art. In 2016, two of her artworks were selected to center the Stanford OHS Magazine and in 2018 she was selected for a solo art exhibition at the National Centre of Performing Arts in Mumbai. In wake of her research and travel experiences, she focused pieces from this exhibition on the individual voice: each painting was inspired by someone else's story. All proceeds went towards mental health counseling and art therapy programs at local hospitals.

In addition to all her extracurricular pursuits she also excels at academic and has taken honours English courses at Stanford University's Online High School. A year ago, she took her IGCSE final exams and received the Oberoi International School Merit Scholarship which carries a significant tuition waiver for both junior and senior year.

Vedika is also a writer. She has authored 11 articles published in a national newspaper (DNA) on topics such as `Individualism or Collectivism: What makes an ideal society'? and `Eternal sunshine of an introvert’s mind’. She has also contributed to student publications in Stanford OHS. However, her true interest lies in interdisciplinary research and women's issues. At 16, she worked with professors and graduate students at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and was first author to a research paper titled, "Law and Order: The Weaponisation of Rape and Post-Conflict Disenfranchisement of Bosnian Women." She has also contributed research to developers of a Sexual Assault Forensics Bill, that is to be presented at the Prime Minister's Office in Delhi. Vedika recently published her first book ` The New F Word’, a collection of thought provoking essays designed to help expand the understanding of feminism. Vedika has been invited as a Keynote Speaker for the Lion's District Conference and 100-year commemoration. She has also spoken at the Indo- American Society and SNDT University. She has won multiple awards and recognitions from institutions across the country.

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South African Counsul General, HE Maropene Ramokgopa launched "The New F Word" which has essays on feminism and women's rights author by Vedika Kanchan

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